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Dry Coco Crunch Recipe Coconut Chocolate Recipe

To make a pastry using this coco crunch, it is very easy. You do not need to bake this cake or mengovennya, because just enough watered with delicious chocolate. The following is the material and how to manufacture it.

Hasil gambar untuk cara membuat kue coco crunch

Ingredients :1. 200 g coco crunch2. 100 g cashew nuts / almonds baked then chopped roughly3. 250 g of chocolate coocking4. 50 g butter5. 50 g raisins6. 50 g of fine-grained beads7. Cake cup is small enough for container cake

How To Make Coco Crunch Dried Cocoa Chocolate Cake :For making it very easy, pay attention to the following ways:1. Take containers and melt coocking chocolate or cooking chocolate in a way on the team.2. After chocolate melts, immediately enter all the ingredients above except the bead candy that we will use as topping or decoration.

3. Take the cup cake, stack it neatly and pour the cocoa mixture mixed with coco crunch into the cup cake.4. Make sure that when pouring the chocolate mixture, the dough pot should remain on the stove with a small flame so that the chocolate in the pan does not harden.5. Sprinkle the top of the cake with bead candy as a cake decoration.6. When finished, allow the cake to brown to harden and serve to your beloved family or keep it in the jar and store it in the refrigerator.

Recipe how to make a snow princess cake

This one cake is the most popular cake, especially when the Eid arrives. Given momentarily want Eid, this snow princess cake you can make as a dinner for the guests.


Hasil gambar untuk cara membuat kue putri saljuMaterials used:1 kg of wheat flour750 grams of butter25 grams of milk powder150 grams of cheese1 tbsp roombutter2 tbsp sugar refined1/2 tsp vanilla5 egg yolks150 grams of refined sugar for cake toppingCheesy enough to sprinkle the cakeEasy way to make a snow princess cake1. Put all the ingredients into a large container, then mix and stir all the ingredients until soft. After that, grate the cheese into the dough and stir back until well blended.2. Roll the dough, then print a crescent shaped or any other shape you like. Then put it into a pan that has been smeared with butter. Shape all the dough out.3. Bake for 30 minutes into an oven with a temperature of 150 ° C or into a steaming pan using medium heat.

Gambar terkait4. Once cooked, lift, let stand briefly, then sprinkle with refined sugar and cheese to taste. Without being sprinkled, it is also delicious. Put into the jar and the snow princess cake was ready to be enjoyed.
Given the short time to Lebaran, snow cake is the most appropriate cookies to serve at the moment. Happy cooking

How to make Nutrisai ice cream flavored orange juice

Hi friends, on this occasion I will share the recipe for all of you.
Well, today's recipe is how to make Nutrisai ice cream flavored orange juice. Ice candles like this is very delicious eaten when the weather is hot. In addition to soothing, nutritory contains vitamin C and some other vitamins are good for your health. Here is a way to load ice wax nutrisari orange juice.

Gambar terkait
The materials used are:
1. 3 sachets Nutrisai flavored orange juice
2. White sugar ¼
3. 2 liters of boiled water (adjust)

Hasil gambar untuk nutrisari jeruk perasTools used:
1. Plastic Ice
2. Rubber
How to make :
1. Mix Nutrisari orange juice flavor with boiled water.
2. Stir until evenly, then add sugar.
3. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.
4. Once everything is mixed, put in ice plastic.
5. Then tie it with rubber.
6. Chill in the refrigerator.
7. After hard, wax ice Nutrisari orange juice ready to serve.

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how to make the green bean wax ice

 Hi friends, on this occasion I will share the recipe for all of you.Well, today's recipe is how to make the green bean wax ice.The materials used are:1.½ kg of Green Beans2. Palm Sugar 2 spheres (¼ kg)3. White sugar 1/44. 2 Old coconut and taken coconut milk

Hasil gambar untuk es lilin kacang hijauTools used:1. Plastic Ice2. RubberHow to make:1. Rinse green beans and soak them with water for about 1 hour.2. Cook coconut milk, sugar and palm sugar.3. Do not forget to add a little salt apda coconut milk to balance the sweet taste.4. While in cooking, stir slowly the coconut milk so as not to clot.5. Cook the coconut milk to boil so it does not easily stale.6. After the coconut milk cook, stir and wait until cool.7. Mung beans have been soaked in cook until fluffy, do not forget to add a little salt.8. After the beans are cooked, chill a few moments.9. Peanuts that have been cold into the ice insect as much as a teaspoon and add coconut milk.10. Tie using rubber.11. Cool in the refrigerator.12. Ice green macaque candle ready to eatWait for the next recipe yeah ..Thank you.

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Recipes and How to Make a Steamed Bolu Flowering Soft

Steamed bolu is very popular with everyone from children to the elderly. Making your own food at home is very effective and provides a sense of security to cleanliness and other problems. Here's how and the ingredients for making a soft steamed sponge cake.
Gambar terkait

Ingredients:1. Like other cake recipes, sponge cakes also require wheat flour which has a low protein content of 275 grams only. Use flour that is good quality and clean from dirt dirt. Should flour in sift first so it is really smooth and there is no clump of dough blob in the cake when it becomes so later.

2. Emulsifer to help soften the texture of the cake approximately 2 small spoons. Friends can use the brand TBM, SP or others.

3. Good clean sugar quality of about 200 grams only. Can be added a little if like sweet.

4. Drinks that have a soda content of approximately 225 ml to help develop the cake. We recommend using soda water that tastes like that used to make soda happy.

5. Baking powder good quality approximately as much as half a small spoon.

6. Large medium size chicken eggs are still fresh as one grain only.

7. Vanilla or vanilla powder essence is approximately as little as half a small spoon.

8. 2 kinds of safe food coloring less than 2 drops for each color. For color depending on taste, which is important for food safe.

9. Bread paper for the mold base.

Tips and How to Make:1. The first step is to mix the medium-wheat flour with vanilla powder and baking powder.

2. Stir in the three ingredients using a spatula or other tools until completely flat.

3. Take one more container of medium size. Enter fresh chicken eggs, cake emulsifer and sugar then shake
with a mixer with a high speed to expand and look stiff (approximately for 10 minutes-12 minutes) and reduce the speed of the mixer.

4. Enter the soda water (do not open before it will be put in order to keep the sodanya good) little by little while still shaken until the water runs out and the dough mixed flat and then turn off the mixer.

5. Put the flour dough in the first container a bit at a time while stirring until mixed well.

6. Repeat until the flour runs out and make sure everything is well blended and there are no blobs.

7. Take 2 parts of the dough a little to mix with the pre-prepared food coloring. Stir until mixed and the color is flat.

8. Prepare steamed blazon cake molds and match with bread paper so as not to stick. We recommend using blow molding mold made of aluminum material so that later maturation evenly and not bantet.

9. Pour the white / plain dough at the bottom and top give colored dough so that the color is pretty until it is parallel to the top of the dough. Repeat until all the dough runs out.

10. Prepare the steam pan and wait until the water in the pan is boiling. Put the cookie cutters into the steamed pan and put the cloth over the top so that the water vapor does not return to the cake.

11. Cook until fully cooked and inflate the steamed bunu (approximately 10 - 12 minutes). To determine whether the cake is cooked or not, friends can check it using a stick or toothpick.

12. Remove and serve after a bit cold.Apparently quite easy and fast way to make steamed cake bake bloom above. In addition to the color is beautiful and interesting, it's also quite tasty and soft

Extraordinary benefits Yogurt for health and beauty

Nowadays technology is not only usable and creating highly sophisticated electronics. But food and how to dress or lifestyle has grown to become more sophisticated. So do not be surprised if a lot of food popping up in the present. Moreover, many people are now re-promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy food for their daily needs. Especially because fast food and fatty foods are sold and are easier to obtain. Yogurt is a preparation of milk.
Gambar terkait1). Keeping BonesIn accordance with the natural ingredients of yoghurt that is milk, yogurt also has a lot of calcium and vitamin D which is very agus to strengthen bone in your body. Eating yoghurt can help keep bones from various diseases, including the most famous disease of osteoporosis. Because many seniors are affected by the disease, then you should eat a lot of yogurt for your bone health.

2). Smooth digestionYogurt that has a sour and fresh taste can help you in digestion. Probiotics can actually launch the intestines to digest your food. As well as fruits as well as other fermented foods. The content of probiotics in yoghurt counted very much. Although including bacteria, but not to worry because the bacteria in question is a good bacteria.

3). Lowering blood pressureYogurt contains a lot of potassium that is useful for people with hypertension to lower blood pressure without causing side effects. For some people with hypertension, yogurt can be a juice or milk substitute in the morning. Especially because it tastes sour yoghurt, will feel refreshing and different for people with hypertension. Sometimes people with high blood pressure feel tense and congested, requiring refreshing food.

4). Increase the body's immuneBecause it contains many nutrients including vitamins and minerals, yogurt can help you in boosting the immune system. Not only that you also will not easily susceptible to a disease, especially those associated with viruses and bacteria.

5). Strengthens white blood cellsThe fermented ingredients contain probiotics, including yoghurt. Apparently probiotics can help you in maintaining and strengthening white blood cells in the fight against disease. It has to do with the previous points that strengthen the body's immune. White blood cells are important, because they act as a poison eater and also fight infections in the blood.

6). Reduce yeast infectionsIt turns out the fungus can harm the body and can infect our bodies. Well, yogurt can keep it all. Especially the fungus that attacks the female vital tool. Because it requires a strong acid, consumption of yoghurt will play an important role. With its content that has anti-bacterial and also prevent fungal infections with acid, then you do not worry anymore.

7). Avoid bowel diseaseFermented food ingredients precisely protect the intestines well. Intestinal diseases are highly avoided because of the difficulty in treating them. But yogurt can help cure intestinal diseases that often attack because of food errors and often eat foods that cause injuries, such as spicy or sour.

8). Reduce diarrheaAlthough it can digest but do not worry, the fact yoghurt can reduce the occurrence of disease in the stomach due to active culture in yoghurt. That way diarrhea can stop and stomach trying to digest food properly. While diarrhea is the effect of eating wrong and how the intestines digest the food wrongly.

9). Lose weightFor those of you who calm diet, you do not have to always consume orange juice. Apparently you can eat yogurt as your diet drink. Yogurt contains ingredients such as vitamin C and potassium that help burn stored fat in the body. Even some studies have proven that yogurt intake can burn fat.

10). Reduce colon cancerColon cancer is one type of cancer that many feared by the public. Because the intestine is an organ that is considered vulnerable, it must be maintained food intake. One of them yoghurt that has active culture that can protect you from terkenanya tissue that causes colon cancer.

11). Keeping the red blood cellsRed blood cells are as important as white blood cells. This cell must be normal and must be maintained. Red blood cells should not be too much or little. In yoghurt contained ingredients such as vitamins, zinc, iodine, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and many more that can nourish the body and keep red blood cells.

12). Maintain the nervous systemIt turns yoghurt can help keep the nervous system. It is important that the nervous system in the body can continue to work actively and

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Perceived pain can sometimes be quite severe and spread to the back and thighs, thus disrupting daily activities. This pain can last for two to three days.Causes of Menstrual Pain Presence in WomenMenstrual pain is caused by the muscle wall of the uterus contracting to suppress the surrounding blood vessels. As a result, the supply of oxygen into the uterus is inhibited and trigger the appearance of pain in the lower abdomen.

Nine out of ten women will experience menstrual pain and discomfort during menstruation. This condition is very common. The pain or pain that comes up has different effects on each woman.Treatment for Menstrual PainIf the condition is not severe, menstrual pain can usually be handled alone at home without the help of a doctor. Pain relief medicines can be taken to help relieve symptoms. There are various types of painkillers that can be bought freely at the pharmacy to overcome them.

In addition, there are several natural ways that can be done alone to overcome the menstrual pain that comes when you experience menstruation. But for severe menstrual pain, you are advised to see a doctor to check the underlying cause of the pain.Some women are more at risk of menstrual pain due to experience some of the following:• Menstrual volume more.• Experiencing the first menstruation before the age of 11.• Have obesity or are overweight.• Never been pregnant.• Consume alcohol or smoke.

Hasil gambar untuk penyebab nyeri haidIn addition to taking pain relief medicines, menstrual pain can generally be relieved independently by massage, warm bath, lie with legs raised, or stick patches on the affected part.However, menstrual pain should be checked immediately to the doctor especially if: excessive bleeding, menstrual period longer than usual, accompanied by fever, pain suddenly arise and feel intense in the pelvis.Meanwhile, precautions can be done by eating complex carbohydrate foods such as fruits and vegetables, regular exercise so that the weight remains normal, and avoid consumption of liquor and cigarettes.


Apples or Latin names Malicus domestica is a fruit that has a sweet taste with a lot of water to give freshness as it passes through the throat. Currently there are various types of apples that are sold in the fruit market, from apples that have green, yellow and red skins.And according to experts, the apple fruit is the first fruit that is used as agricultural crops. Apple plants can only live in areas that have cold air like mountains and currently countries that export a lot of apples are countries that are in central Asia.

For more details what are the benefits of apples for health see the information below• Lowers cholesterolOne of the benefits of apples for health is lowering cholesterol, the content of soluble fiber in apples serves to balance the fat in the intestine. So we can conclude consume apples on a regular basis can lower cholesterol in our body

Hasil gambar untuk manfaat buah apel• Prevent cancerFrom the results of the study revealed that the apple is anti-cancer which is certainly very effective to protect the body from cancer cells. The content of triterpenoid compounds that exist in the apple to prevent the growth of every cancer cell. Seeing the many benefits that can be obtained from apples, health experts recommend to consume apples every day.

• Deepening the Immune SystemThe content of anti-oxidants present in apples can enhance the human immune system to build a natural shield from virus-causing diseases. And added with the content of vitamin C and fiber that there are apples make apples very good for consumption especially for those of you who want a strong immune systemIn addition to beneficial to health, the content in the apple is also useful for coolies and kecantikant. Curious about the benefits of apples for skin and beauty, note the information below

• Prevent Skin CancerOne of the benefits of apples for skin is preventing skin cancer. The content of compounds in the apple serves to maintain the health condition of the skin from the inside so that the appearance of the enchanted charm that is very amazing.

Hasil gambar untuk manfaat buah apel• Overcoming Acne and Oily SkinIn addition to preventing skin cancer, the benefits of apples to the skin is to overcome the skin of acne and oily. This is because the content in the apple can equalize the pH level of the skin that decreases the level of oil production on the facial skin.

• Eliminate Eye PouchesEye bags are caused because the eye is too used to see the object without being given a break for a moment. If you are currently having problems with eye bags, you can take care to remove eye bags. How to remove eye bags that is to slice a small apple small, then paste the apple into the eye bags, but you need to consider in doing this your eyelid is closed

• Lifting Dirt on the SkinAs the outermost organ of the body whose name the skin can not be separated from the name of dust and dirt. And if you want a clean and smooth skin, you have to take care of your skin. Many ways to care for your skin one of them by using an apple mask

Benefits of Papaya

Papaya bears the scientific name of Carica papaya, a species of genus that grows fertile in tropical climates. Expected to originate from southern Mexico and northern United States, the spread already covers the whole world.Papaya fruit can be consumed to block the stomach or treatment because it has a lot of good content to protect the body from various diseases. Soft meat helps many people launch their previously stuck BAB, because this fruit is easily digested.
Hasil gambar untuk manfaat buah pepaya

Nearly 50% of vitamins are stored in papaya fruit, so it is impossible if papaya does not play an important role in controlling a person's health condition. To find out, you can get to know the benefits of papaya for health and traditional medicine from the following explanation.
1. Skin HealthPapaya has an active role in the field of beauty and health, one for the skin surface in terms of moisturizing or enlightening and refresh the dull skin. This is caused by the content of vitamins A, C and E in papaya fruit.
2. Raising Men's Vital ToolThe content of arginine enzymes stored in papaya fruit is capable of boosting blood flow in the area. P. Argarine boosts the production of nitric acid in the body to relax the muscles around the blood vessels, as a result. P will enlarge in a significant time as the amount of enzyme arginine that enters the body.3. Optimizing Digestive FunctionIt has been described that papaya can launch constipation, this is because the high fiber content in papaya fruit can be absorbed perfectly by the body's digestive system. While the antioxidant content is able to clean up the rest of the food in the intestine and throw it through the sewer.4. Meminilasir Risk of Damaged EyesIf you are a person who constantly gazes at the screen every day, meet the need for vitamin A to keep your eyes healthy and fresh. The trick is the routine consumption of papaya meat at certain hours, for example after meals or rest periods. Thus the risk of eye damage is getting smaller.
5. Ward off Free RadicalsIf the body has free radicals, the skin will bear various problems such as wrinkles. For that if you do not want to look old at a young age, diligent, diligent eating papaya fruit because the content of antioxidants able to ward off free radicals.
6. The Remedy of Snake BitesHandling is required as soon as possible if you are bitten by a venomous snake. Prepare 5 segments of papaya root fingers, wipe with water, smooth with ground, balurkan this drug on bitten skin. After that wrapped with a cloth, change 2 times a day
7. Bladder MedicationCan be burned or exposed to a hot exhaust, immediately treat with this herb. Take the skin of papaya fruit, wring it out and get the sap. Apply to skin blister evenly, let stand all day. If the blistering skin is too wide, use pulverized papaya fruit to treat it.
8. Fever or Malaria DrugsTake a piece of orange leaf, crushing it to fill 1/2 cup. Pour water as much as 3/4 cup, and insert salt. Squeeze the papaya leaves, strain the water and drink 3 times a day. This treatment you can do at least 5 days in a row in a week.
9. Drug To Increase AppetiteYou or your baby are not appetite? Try taking drugs to stimulate this appetite. How to pluck a sheet of papaya leaves, wash and crush with hands. Add salt and water bit by bit as much as 1/4 cup, squeeze the leaves. The water is drunk until it runs out.
10. Flu DrugsPetik 2 pieces of young papaya leaves, crushed, pour water, then squeezed. Add salt and drink papaya juice twice daily for children dose, and 4 times a day for adult dose.
11. Dental MedicineSimply by dripping the sap of young papaya leaves on sick teeth using cotton. Do it until all the bacteria are killed and the toothache subsides.
Thus a brief explanation of the benefits of papaya for health and traditional medicine. You need to remember that the material written here is only additional information, not intended to be the main reference, medical treatment or substitute for expert and medical advice.


Cucumbers that are often a complement to the food dish for fresh vegetables or used as a pickle turned out to have tremendous benefits for skin beauty. Cucumbers contain high water content of vitamins A, B, and C and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, and silica that make cucumbers an important part in skin careMost of the women are now doing treatments using special products to treat skin beauty. But do you know the dangers of using a special beauty product if you do not know what the ingredients in it, or what side effects if used in a long period of time. Well, it would be nice you try to feel the natural benefits for your skin beauty by using natural ingredients that is Cucumber. Here are the various benefits you can feel if using cucumber for your skin beauty.

Hasil gambar untuk manfaat mentimun1. Eliminate acneAcne is one of the most common skin problems experienced by everyone, now by using your acne cucumber will be resolved without fear of harmful side effects. You can use cucumber as a mask to remove acne by:• Provide enough cucumber, then wash.• Cut the cucumber into a smaller part and put it into the blender machine.• Puree cucumber using a blender machine.After finely strained to separate the cucumber juice with the dregs.• Take cucumber juice and mix with lemon juice, stirring them together to mix evenly.• The cucumber mask is ready for use

2. Caring for sun-exposed skinSunlight in the day that contains ultraviolet light (UV) certainly has an influence that is not good for skin beauty that can make the skin becomes wrinkled, skin changes color, premature aging. Well, cucumber has a content as a cooler for sun-exposed skin. How to use cucumber to care for sunburned skin, namely:• Clean a fresh cucumber• Grate the cucumbers that have been cleaned until smooth.• Apply grated cucumber on the sun-burnt skin.• Allow a few minutes to dry, then rinse with clean water.

3. Reduce dark circles in the eyes (Eye Pouch)Eye pouches or commonly called panda eyes are terms that are made to describe the condition of a blackened eye. The emergence of panda eyes triggered for lack of sleep as well as exposure to sunlight often causes panda eyes. Even panda eyes because of sunlight also often cause the effects of wrinkles and black spots around the eyes. By using cucumbers on a regular basis the eye bags will decrease. It's easy:• Fresh cucumber slices with a thickness of 1 cm• While lying down, attach the slices to the eye area• Let stand for 30 minutes and feel the cool air• For more practical facial treatments, you can also use a cucumber while applying a natural face mask

4. Reduce dark spots on the faceBlack spots on the face or black spots can certainly disrupt the appearance and reduce confidence. Cucumber is suitable for removing dark spots on the face by performing the following ways:• Prepare a small slice of cucumber, at least one or two pieces.• Soak with water in a small glass for about 60 minutes.• Supplements, for example, vitamin A, potassium and chlorophyll will be absorbed into the water.• Filter the water then use cucumber water to wash your face.• Use this method regularly.• You can also make face mask with cucumber. How; Soften 1 cucumber then use as a mask on the face. Leave on for about 20 minutes. Then wash your face with warm water. This will help in clearing the bacteria and dirt from the pores.

5. Can rejuvenate the skinA fresh face and look younger would be the dream of all women. Well, skin care by using cucumber to be one solution for you who want to rejuvenate the skin. Here's how:• Clean one large fresh cucumber.• Grate the cucumbers that have been cleaned until smooth.• Combine other natural ingredients such as lime, honey, milk, or egg whites in grated cucumber for maximum results.• Stir well evenly and the cucumber mask is ready for use

Turmeric has many benefits for health and beauty. Here are the benefits:
1). To relieve fever in children
For those of you who have a child who is fever, then turmeric can be a panacea. Essential oil content can reduce fever and heat in the body. Turmeric used can be yellow or white turmeric then mashed with shredded. Once it is pasted on the forehead or stomach. After that let stand for a night and dab it over and over until the fever goes down. Then you also do not always have to give medicine for your child.

Hasil gambar untuk manfaat kunyit2). Smooth skin
Many ancient traditional masks containing yellow turmeric. Especially because the skin of Indonesian people are yellow langsat, then turmeric used as a cleanser of dead skin cells or useful to smooth the skin. Because turmeric also contains antioxidants that can smooth the skin.

3). Treating arthritis
Turmeric clearly contains curcumin or curcumin then the color of turmeric, especially yellow turmeric into color and imprint. Curcumin has a function as a material that can prevent free radicals and avoid the joints of dangerous or chronic inflammatory diseases.

4). Reduce pain or heal pain
Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory, hence turmeric can be used as medicine that heal and reduce pain. Especially if the wound formed and want to make the wound dry quickly. Ancient drugs or chemicals that are septic very difficult so using turmeric as a material that can cure.

5). Protects the colon
Turmeric can protect the colon, especially the large intestine as part of the vital organs that digest food. The content of curcumin in turmeric keeps the colon in order to keep it working and utilize the material to heal in case of injury to the colon. The large intestine can be very dangerous and also vulnerable if one eats. Several times colon cancer occurs due to lifestyle mistakes. So turmeric can help you in treating the gut if you experience a lifestyle mistake. It feels a bitter and less tasty, but it would be better if intestinal health is most important.

6). Cancer prevention, especially stomach and liver cancer
The occurrence of cancer easily nowadays because the artificial food presented or sold. Especially many fast foods that provide prolonged effects on the body. Turmeric consumption will save you from cancer that may attack. Especially if you consume white turmeric. Kurkuminnya can protect your cells and tissues from cancer viruses that gnaw the body. Cancers that may be prevented by turmeric are liver cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer or leukemia and prostate cancer.

7). Improve liver function
The liver is the largest organ that exists in the human body. Well, the function of the heart is so important that it must be maintained. So by eating turmeric it will improve the function and work of the liver. So that the heart more easily recognize and also play its function as a chemical identifier that goes into the human body. This is because turmeric contains antioxidants

8). Inhibits chromosomal damage
Turmeric containing antioxidants and curcumin can inhibit chromosomal damage. Chromosome damage if it occurs will cause abnormalities or abnormalities in humans, especially in children. Consumption of turmeric that can help you in preventing chromosomal damage that can happen.

9). Keeping the blood vessels
The blood vessels are very important, the point is to keep the intake of blood spinning in the body is maintained. In addition to those of you who have high cholesterol and inhibit your blood vessels, then turmeric becomes a powerful drug. Curcumin contained can prevent oxidation of cholesterol and prevent the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels.

10). Reduce the likelihood of heart disease
Curcumin can reduce you who may have heart disease. Curcumin can reduce the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease. So if you have a descendant of heart disease then you can consume turmeric regularly. In addition turmeric contains vitamin B6 so there is a decreased risk of heart disease.



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